Free Standing Office Partitions & Dividers 

Office partitions or dividers offer the same productivity improvements as a traditional wall without the interruptions, noise, and cleanup involved with wall construction. They come in almost any size and can be designed as permanent or temporary structures. Aero Industries fabricates the highest quality parts for aluminum parts for office partitions and dividers.

Benefits of Office Partitions

  • Cost-efficient: Building a permanent wall to divide sections often comes at several times the price of an office partition. Office partitions can be highly cost-efficient, depending on the design, and a strategically placed divider can significantly improve the productivity of an office.
  • Privacy: Partitions allow office management to create private areas to improve employee concentration and maintain privacy during meetings. With many offices embracing an open floor plan, a temporary or permanent office partition can enhance privacy where necessary.
  • Practical: Constructing a permanent wall can constrain a fast-growing office. Desk dividers or partitions grant freedom to offices that may need to expand or change their office layout in the future. They are easy to relocate and remove with minimal construction interruptions. 

Aluminum Partitions From Aero Industries

Aluminum partitions from Aero Industries provide industry-leading durability and flexibility in a wide selection of designs and finishes. They are easy to install and uninstall with minimal impact on office operations. Our aluminum office partitions and dividers are an excellent choice for spaces where enhanced privacy and productivity are required as they reduce sound by as much as 52 dB. With the option to add fire protection, our durable partitions are fire-rated for up to 60 minutes. 

Types of Office Partitions & Dividers

Partitions and dividers from Aero Industries come in various types to suit every application. Our office partitions and dividers include:

  • Floor-to-Ceiling Partitions: Our full-height partition is ideal for dividing an office into smaller workstations without limiting visibility or fully closing off a seating area. They have a durable aluminum construction, typically covered with a cloth material.
  • Cubicles: A popular partition offering moderate privacy and ease of movement. They consist of four half-height walls with an opening for employees to enter and exit. Metal cubicles can improve productivity by reducing noise and reverberation within the workspace.
  • Sliding Office Partitions: Our sliding partitions rely on a telescopic motion to open and close, making them highly portable and invaluable to offices with limited floor space. They can easily slide between desks and workstations, offering privacy without moving office furniture components.
  • Folding Office Partitions: The highly articulated hinges of our folding partitions allow them to fit into various office arrangements. They have wheels that make it easy to move to form a temporary meeting space, workstation, or office. Folding partitions are a cost-efficient, simple, and versatile solution, with a small footprint for easy storage.
  • Ceiling Partition: Our moderately flexible ceiling partition can install flush from floor to ceiling. They have an aluminum construction with an appealing cloth covering, offering style and noise dampening. Ceiling partitions require a greater initial investment than other partitions because the ceiling runner installation may require a professional builder.

Free Standing Office Partitions & Dividers From Aero Industries

Office dividers offer a quick and easy solution that can be easily removed, replaced, or relocated throughout the office for privacy and noise reduction. They are often less expensive than building a wall and minimize construction to prevent operational interruptions, clutter, and noise. Aero Industries is a leading manufacturer of custom aluminum parts and components used to construct office partitions. Contact us to learn more or request a quote today.