Custom Retail Store Fixtures in Ontario, Canada

For over 35 years, Aero Industries has been a trusted provider of high-quality custom aluminum fabrication solutions. We offer aluminum store fixtures and display products that meet the needs of retailers and marketing companies throughout Toronto and Ontario, Canada as well as globally. From prototyping services to large production runs, our high-precision CNC fabrication shop delivers custom store fixtures that meet the needs of any retail setting.

Our experts are ready to assist you with the design process and deliver fixtures that adhere to even the tightest tolerance requirements. Available in a wide range of finishing options, our custom displays and fixtures are typically ready to ship in as little as one week for small orders or three to six weeks for full rollouts. 

Our Metal Displays and Store Fixtures SolutionsFreestanding Fixtures

Custom store fixtures from Aero Industries are produced to perfectly match your store’s dimensions and can be fabricated in nearly any shape or size. Choosing custom-developed store displays and fixtures provide numerous advantages, such as:

  • Meet all legal or ADA requirements for retail stores
  • Create a unique and highly memorable shopping experience for your customers
  • Maximize profitability by controlling  fixture features and costs
  • Support your visual merchandising goals with customized designs

Custom store fixtures personalize your customers’ shopping experience and make it easier for them to locate and interact with your merchandise. Well-designed and strategically located store fixtures can even help increase sales. We can help you develop attractive, functional designs that meet your budget requirements.

Aero Industries produces custom store fixtures made from aluminum. Aluminum is strong, corrosion-resistant, and available in several finishing options to achieve a high-end appearance that meets your branding goals. As a recyclable material, aluminum is also an eco-friendly choice for retail store fixtures. Its lightweight nature makes it easy to install and rearrange and it is easily fabricated according to nearly any shape or configuration requirement. 

Types of Metal Store Fixtures from Aero Industries

Aero Industries specializes in high-quality metal store fixture solutions for Toronto and Ontario, Canada.  We offer several types of retail fixtures to meet various merchandising goals. 

Freestanding Store Fixtures

Freestanding Fixtures

Custom-designed freestanding store fixtures from Aero Industries meet the needs of businesses on a global scale. Our freestanding floor and tabletop displays are designed with maximum ease of use in mind and don’t require any attachment to walls or ceilings. All custom freestanding aluminum fixtures from Aero Industries are produced according to your exact specifications:

  • Overall part dimensions: Varies
  • Tightest tolerances: ± .010 in.
  • Capabilities applied / processes: Cut, drill, mill, countersink, bend, assemble, packaging
  • Material finishes: Brushed stainless anodizing, etch clear anodizing, polished gold anodizing, or powder coating in any color
  • Turnaround time: Typically 1-2 weeks, or 3-6 weeks for rollout quantities
  • Delivery locations: Greater Toronto Area as well as worldwide

Wall Mounted/Hanging Stretch FrameWall Mounted Stretch Frame

Aero Industries produces custom-designed wall-mounted stretch frames for retail and signage clients located throughout Ontario, Canada and beyond. Wall-mounted or hanging stretch frames are designed to hold and display large graphic elements or banners crease-free and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation. Custom wall-mounted and hanging stretch frame fixtures from Aero Industries can be fabricated according to the following specifications:

  • Overall part dimensions: 34 in. x 7 in. + 8 in. diameter hoop
  • Tightest tolerances: ± .010 in. 
  • Capabilities applied / processes: Cut, drill, mill, countersink, bend, assemble, packaging
  • Material finishes: Clear etch anodizing
  • Turnaround time: 1-2 weeks or less
  • Delivery locations: Greater Toronto Area

Aero Industries, Your Trusted Store Fixture & Display Manufacturer in Ontario, Canada

Aero Industries is your dependable store fixtures manufacturer for the Greater Toronto Area. Our expert technicians deliver long-lasting store displays that meet all of our customers’ aesthetic goals and functional requirements. We are committed to providing exceptional quality products with quick turnaround and on-time delivery. Learn more about our custom metal store fixtures by contacting us, or request a quote to get started on a solution today.