Custom Aluminum Extrusion Fabrication

Aero Industries is a custom metal fabrication company specializing in work with aluminum extrusions. We procure quality aluminum extrusions from trusted extrusion suppliers and cut, machine, and assemble them into fixtures, exhibits, and displays for commercial settings. These products find application in retail stores, trade shows, and many other locations where a product showcase solution is needed.


Custom fixtures and displays can help create a distinct store atmosphere that supports your brand aesthetic and differentiates you from your competition. Whether you need a simple frame or a fully featured kiosk, we can deliver a solution that suits your space and meets your product promotion goals.

The Benefits of Using Aluminum


Store fixtures and displays can be made from a variety of materials. One of the most common is aluminum, which offers the following advantages:

  • Affordability. Aluminum extrusions can be designed to add functionality and remove processes required to produce fixtures and displays in other metals. Additionally, it is highly recyclable, enabling worn products to be turned into new ones.
  • High strength, low weight. Aluminum offers a high strength-to-weight ratio that makes it ideal for use in various applications where high strength and low weight are critical. Aluminum’s low weight also helps reduce shipping costs.
  • Durability and longevity. Aluminum is naturally corrosion-resistant, which allows it to withstand use in corrosive environments. Additionally, the heat and pressure it is subjected to during the extrusion process can increase its strength and toughness.
  • Workability. Aluminum is malleable, which enables it to be formed into a variety of shapes without cracking or breaking.

Our Custom Retail Store Fixture and Display Capabilities

The team at Aero Industries can create custom hardware, store fixtures, exhibits, and trade show displays for customers in a wide range of industries. As these products must be both practical and attractive, we carefully design and build each fixture and display for the optimal form, fit, function, and feel. Some of the visual elements we may integrate into a piece include countersunk or hidden fasteners and precisely cut miter corners.

Manufacturing a custom store fixture or display is a multi-step process. Our experts can handle everything from design to fabrication to assembly. Below, we highlight our capabilities.

Design & Engineering

Value Added Services

We can create a new design or work off an existing design for your custom fixture or display. If you need a new design, our team can provide advice regarding design for manufacturability, which can result in significant cost savings for you without negatively affecting the final assembly. If you have an existing design, we can pull design specs from CAD drawings, sketches, or a physical example. In either case, once you’ve approved the design, we will create prototypes for testing and approval before we proceed with full production.

Our design and engineering service offerings include:

  • Product design support
  • Design for manufacturing
  • Reverse engineering
  • Value engineering
  • Prototyping

Metal Fabrication & Machining

We offer a wide array of aluminum extrusion fabrication capabilities. Once we’ve sourced the aluminum extrusions for your display or fixture from our trusted vendors, we carefully prepare them for assembly. By using exacting CNC programming and machining technology, we ensure the final product meets our quality standards and your specifications.

Our fabrication and machining service offerings include:

Custom Metal Fabrication

Metal Fabrication:

  • Bending
  • Cutting
  • Routing
  • Welding


  • Milling
  • Drilling
  • Turning
  • Threading
  • Tapping
  • Punching

We can create custom stock programs for repeat customers. These allow us to maintain material stock of custom items in our inventory so we can expedite production when you place an order. The raw material forms we carry include custom profile extrusions, structural shapes, and sheet stock.

Value-Added Services

In addition to our design and fabrication services, we offer a range of value-added services to support the delivery of a fully finished product solution. These include:

  • Finishing
  • Packaging
  • Assembly

Lead Time and Shipping

Our standard lead time is one to two weeks, but the exact timeline can vary depending on the project. We also offer expedited manufacturing and JIT shipping services.

Contact Us for Custom Aluminum Store Fixture & Display Solutions

Need a professional display, exhibit, or fixture for your business? Turn to the experts at Aero Industries! We have the knowledge, skills, and resources to design and deliver a solution that fully satisfies your functional and aesthetic requirements.

Aero Industries custom metal displays

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